Member Classifieds

Free Member Classifieds

Please feel free to post any beekeeping-related items, services or products that you are looking for or want to sell to the membership.

For the homesteaders, if you want to post items you produce on your homestead or farm, we are happy to support our members. For example, pollinator plants, ferments, salves, herbals, gardening items, chickens and so on.

Free Ads will run for 30 days. These ads are free to paid members and intended for the membership only.

PLEASE No network marketing or anything that’s not bee/beekeeping-related or not produced by your homestead/farm. Ads that do not meet the criteria above will not be approved and/or removed.

Free categories are:

  • Bee Equipment FOR SALE
  • Bee Equipment WANTED
  • Honey or Hive Products FOR SALE
  • Honey or Hive Products WANTED
  • Live Bees FOR SALE
  • Live Bees WANTED
  • Homesteader Products FOR SALE
  • Homesteader Products WANTED

If you select from the premium/featured categories, there is a $25 charge for 90 day public ad. Simply re-select from the categories above for FREE Ads to the membership.

Premium / Featured Public Ads

If you’d like to post a product or service to the members as well as to the public, premium / featured ads are be available for:

  • $25 for 90-days
  • must be approved
  • all proceeds will be donated to the Gulf Coast Beekeepers for future equipment, bees, speakers etc

Premium / Featured categories:

  • Bee Equipment
  • Honey or Hive Products
  • Bee Services
  • Live Bees
  • Homesteader Products
  • Other / Supporters – this can be any business that wants to support the bee club with a small ad for their business.

If you select a category that does not show a price, your ad will only be shown to the membership and not to the public. Please be sure to re-select the correct ad category to get a premium / featured ad with public exposure

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