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Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc Member Benefits

Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc Member Benefits | Monthly Educational Meetings

Monthly Educational Meetings

One of the best Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc member benefits are the educational meetings, where we discuss best management practices, what should be going on in your hive each month, special topics, Q&A along with what’s blooming and how to identify. Plus networking opportunities with fellow beekeepers who geek speak bees.


Charlotte County | Port Charlotte, FL

Collier County | Naples, FL

Lee County | Cape Coral

Virtual Member | Online

Outside of the Meeting areas? Seasonal Resident? Busy schedule? ……and want to learn about Florida Beekeeping?

  • Virtual Meetings on Zoom every 4th Tues at 7pm
  • Access to the Private FB Mentoring Page

Public Facebook Page

Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc Member Benefits | Public Facebook Page

Closed Facebook Group for Support and Mentoring

Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc Member Benefits | Private Facebook Group
  • Personalized mentoring to assist / troubleshoot any issues that arise at your hives in between meetings, so you are never left alone when you need help.
  • Interesting articles and materials from the meetings posted
  • Networking with other local beekeepers in a safe space
  • Invite below in Members Only Area

Annual Holiday Party

Gulf Coast Beekeepers Assoc Member Benefits | Annual Holiday Party
Charlotte County: Stacey Family

Congrats to our Hive Giveaway Winners!

Charlotte County: Brophy Family
Collier County: Goodacre Family

2021 Winners: Charlotte Cty: | Collier Cty: | Lee Cty:

2019 Winners: Charlotte County: Brophy family | Collier County: Johnson family

2018 Winners: Charlotte County: Stacey family | Collier County: Goodacre family

2017 Winners: Charlotte County: Francis family | Collier County: Hoffman family

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