Welcome to the Colony!

We’re very excited to have you buzzing around here with us!

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Step 1

Come to the Meetings. You are not limited to one group. Feel free to come to any of the locations closest to you along with the virtual Zoom meeting. The same slides will be presented all month, so plenty of opportunities to catch us at one.

Mark your calendar for events you want to participate in or use the handy iCal and GoogleCal buttons to add them automagically.

Step 2

Make sure you’ve provided us your cell phone number to get meeting reminders texted to your cell phone. Reminders are sent 1 week before and the morning of. Not sure or want to update your preferences, simply click the button below to update your phone number, meeting selections, or if you no longer want any 😉


Once you are added, you will need to reply only “YES” when you receive the “opt-in” message from Astrid. If you do not reply ONLY “yes”, the software will not opt you in and you may not get the future texts.

Step 3

LIKE our Facebook Page, FOLLOW and SHARE with your other bee loving friends. We don’t always post the same things in both places.

Step 4

Request to JOIN the Private Facebook Group and introduce yourself, then feel free to engage with other members. This is a safe place to ask all your bee ?s you have in between the meetings, post pictures and cheer on your fellow beekeepers, post bee-related articles you find interesting, give recommendations. Post freely!

Step 5

LOG IN and then Update your Profile

Don’t forget to check out the Members Only parts of the website and Bookmark the Member’s Home Page, Member Directory, Member Classifieds (coming soon) and other Resources